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-Ariful Islam Bhuiyan.


On the day 5th April, 1979 A.D.One flower had bloomed in the nicest garden at Karibari, Brahmanbaria.We can think generally, one mother & father had seen a excellent dream after seeing new borned daughter.Completing Primary, Secondery level I had met with her.I Couldn’t remember that day’s date & time.She had come to get admission in the office room with a group of fairy. Brahman Baria Government College had opened a new honors (Economics) course under Natioal University in 1997.

That was the Opening Class of Honors. We are all new students trying to be introduced with one another.I’d introduced with all.But two persons effected deeply from the first time.One is Mr. Abdur Rab Chowdhury (Pias) & another is Ms. Showgat. I felt the deepest weakness to them as the best friend.Day by day I felt weakness to Showgat more than Pias.I got myself as a real lover of Showgat.But she didn’t any positive clearness.Does she love me?

Every morning were coming a new hope,dream & love but every evening were good bye with depriveness,darkness & worry.Every night were coming without sleepness.Time were going by this rules.I had undone.But my pen shown a dream to live with advance or imaginery love,dream&life.From this time I am trying to convert a imaginery garden from a real love garden.Nobody can think, how much painful,deficult&unthinkable.But I’d carried & Carring right now.True love ,doesn’t remove from heart until death.She told me that I’ll be able to forget her.I’v failed successfully.

I placed my cordial love to her from the first time.She was so loyal as the best friend,calm as a river,nice as nature.Her laugh was like as chirping of bird,Crying was stone-cry.My pen is loyal to her. It placed more and more poems to her.When I meet with best friend,go to the bank of river, near at nature then I miss her too much.When I hear any chirping of bird,I think she is lauging.When I see stone,I feel her crying.

Today, she is happy with her dreamful conjugal life.I pray for her peace,success & Immortal.She is alive in my heart until death.She had taken a place in my pen.Don’t mind dear reader,this is the first part of real love of Jail Bird who has borned 4th April in 1979,Bhuiyan Bari,Bhadughar,B.Baria.A renounced Islamic & Cultural family is the shadow of him.

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