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The Sovereighnty of All Mighty.

Posted by ariful1234 on June 22, 2010 at 4:36 AM

The Sovereighnty of All Mighty.

-Ariful Islam Bhuiyan.


I love him who is my creator, Guardian & well wisher. I have no qualification for placing my obediency to please him.I have enormous sins, wrong & disobediency.I want to speak the truth, to walk on the itinerary way but falure to move. I need money to pay living cost and to fulfill the demand of every member of the world. So what, My Allah will manage it. He never failure for anything. These rights for anybody who performs his holy duties accurately in time.

“ You remember me, I remember You ”- in this holy sentence we get the right to love allah and everything can demand to him for passing the good time as the greatest creation of Creator Allah.Same about 6,666 holy sentences are waiting for our reading, realiziang & Performing in the whole life with all well wisher.Which needs are approved in a human life, Actual duties & responsibilities for the successive favour creation of Creator , we get detailes all easily there.

Why we don’t believe heart & soul for anything, any purpose Allah is sufficient for us in the every stage& phase of whole life ! I think, In naturally men can belive up on anything by any perpose.Men has an hidden power to belive one to another for the transaction in their life.As a example : Mr. Rahim start from Dhaka to Chittagong. First time he thought, Planned & Journey to Destination.When He started journey he believed that he will reach the Chittagong though he started just.As a muslim Mr. Abdur Rahim Started with the kindness of Allah (Insha Allah). Mr. Rahim & Mr. Abdur Rahim both has started to chittagong but their difference between in belief.

Where’s our problem to convey the thankfulness to Allah for his kindness?Firstly he has Created us nicely, given a nice world, to live in the dreamful universe which he has decorated so nicely at day by sun, colorful cloud and at night by Moon & Stars, by high mountains, hills, desert, Evergreen field, Clean Spring, hard Ice pool, Salty & Testy Mineral Water.Day by day invented new & moderate elements of life to make sure comfortable and enjoyable for humen life by the thinking power which has gotten by his kindness.Secondly he had given 104 Nos holy directory with 2,64000 holy prophet to us.The greatest & the Lastest holy Directory (Al-Quran) with Director (Prophet Mohammad S.M.) with his holy direction (As Sunnah) & lively example of his fellowers (The Life of Sahabies).

In the conclusion, we means the creation of Allah. Creation means the Sovereignty of the Creator. But now a days, a largest group is working for discontinue the relationship between the holy creator & creation by greedy things & elements of life. Though their pre generation had laid lives for that perposes but not succeed referable.In this time Their post generation are success relatively. So We need to conscious strongly by the holy power of Allah.

Dated : 21.05.2009

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