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Posted by ariful1234 on June 22, 2010 at 4:32 AM


-Arif ibn Shams.

In Primitive age Men lived together for a clear goal to live in peace from the attack of wild animal. Day by day they increased in number, built up various Nation & Community from this group. They have broken their unity for their necessity, offence one another. No Sorry for that. Everybody has the right to stay with one another in peace. No right to take any attack to any person’s choice- dischoice , likeness- dislike which are harmless for any person’s or being’s living in peace.

If I ask anybody. Do you want to live in peace? Everybody will tell “yes, certainly”. Now we have to take decisions mentally, we are all want to live in Peace. So we have to do something one after one. How can we watch the death of a man abnormally, on the conflict which is favour to any blindness of selfishness person, Community & Nation?

This is impossible for us but we can try heart & soul in fresh mind for peace. Till now a large number of people died for negate attack from some Nation who are traitor. They tell us speech of peace but doing for their welfare. The whole world doesn’t matter for them. Where they have need something, They are telling for peace, set up democracy, reform of Democracy then make sure a darkness condition which is favour to snatch technically fulfill their wants.

Politics makes Politics, A Politics under a Politics.It’s imposible to find out the main honest view of any politics.It may be Village politics,National or International.As a man I think, If all the Veto countries are try to make a peaceful world, they can.It’s not imposibe for them.But they are speaking and working always for Peace but everyday we are getting news of unstable world.

All the group of millitiants are getting their arms and everything as usual.Which or who are their supplier?Is it so difficult to find out that Supplier?Everybody will tell “No”. Where are the gape?The lack of honesty, trusty & Sacrifice.

Dated : 20.03.2009

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