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Save the Life

Ariful Islam Bhuiyan

Most of the writers, authors, think tankers were speaking about the time. “Time is money.” “Time and Tide wait for none”. “Time decided everything”; “Time is an old gipsy man”. Every moment we are meeting with it. We, who are so conscious, responsible, hard worker, fortune maker, should to use the time perfectly. Time reflects on your personal, conjugal, social, national and cultural, regional life. We are using the time for ahead to the end of life. We don’t know how much time rest of our at hand. We use the time for earning and costing money, to serve the blood connected and any relative person, for you, family, society, and nation with world brotherhood. Now-a-days we need to inter-transaction with time in the life. We may spend the time in the fruitful and righteous way. So we need a master plan of life.

Life is the group of moment only. We can try the best to confirm the perfect use of time. How much time you are getting to spend for work and rest for refreshment! How much time you will keep for express the gratifying of creator! Day by day working areas are increasing but the duration of time is decreasing. We may think easily when you were in childhood. Your parents, grand- parents, brother-sisters, any relative and the nature. They helped for our growing up. Then you have prepared yourself as a life-soldier. So you have to enormous duty for the society and the world.

Inter-transaction meaning we will reject a one way to receive another scope or way of life. Suppose after getting up we are taking preparation for going to working place or area in time. If we start with surplus time than we will able to do the work timely without access or extra cost. On the other hand, we have come out or started with idleness, late then we need extra spend or cost to recover the needy time or asking time. If we try the best then we will be able to make an excellent combination of time and cost. As a result it will be helpful for saving money. We can pass the time without anxious, tension and valueless imagination and thinking.

Walking and use the vehicle, one is costless, but good for health, another is costly and unsafe. If the range is walking distance and we have surplus time then why we will use the vehicle! We can get time for exercise and save the money. We have no need that status and personality which contain bed impact of life. So, save the life carefully.

We can disclose our good and positive opinion to the young generation. It will be easy for them to choice the best way of life. They will spend their limited time to build their carrier. In tomorrow they will not get any chance to liable respective guardian. They have to correct, straight and altra-modern broadly highway of life. Please Read, Conquer the knowledge and guide the nation. We can think the school going boy or girl is the national leader in future. We can make a concentration about morality, applied education, nice companion and the perfect workstation.

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The End

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Happy New Year 2015

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O ALLAH! Please grant to be continuing our all efforts which perform to satisfy you only. Ameen. Have a significant year 2015 which is the best gift from ALLAH.


O ALLAH! Please grant to be continuing our all efforts which perform to satisfy you only. Ameen. Have a significant year 2015 which is the best gift from ALLAH.

"How Time Does Fly "! can we think everybody! Born to till now. How many accidents, memorable happy moments, events has stored in our LIFE. All the praise be to ALLAH. We are OK by the kind & grace of ALLAH.We don't know what is waiting for us from the next moment.So, all the guidance for the best & greatest GUARDIAN ALLAH.

May ALLAH receive our cordial prayer in every moment in the every year of our LIFE.


PEACE, PEACE and Purity.

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PEACE, PEACE and Purity.


How it's Possible!!!


Firstly, All the sources should be pure. Like as Our Food &Products; Beverage, Goods &Commodities. The source of the inhabitants of WORLD; We know Easily the group of Mother,Sister & Daughter. They will make the world like as heaven.So, they must be holy, pure and Innocent. Now a days it changes the form of sin or bad deed.Innocent Character,Stable Honesty & moral strength; Cordial Obedience is so so needed to make a peaceful World.


In dawn, the pearls of morning dew falls regularly in winter season. The Cuckoo calls sweetly, the harmony of Cowboy raise highly with touching the soft corner of every heart.Can we do anything for the inhabitants of the World.


We may try the best for making a peaceful and Innocent World with the best hope.


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                                                WOMEN (NARY)

Only the central point of this beautiful universe & excellent natural planet is Women. We can understand as like as daylight. They are also the heart of Society, Literature, and Civilizations & Culture. It's an imaginary to get the Succeed, happy and meaningful life without them. The imperial, mysterious and the greatest creation of the CREATOR are women. They have banded the whole relations as like as mother, Social worker, Co-warrior, Grateful Slave of Allah and the best Kith & kin of all creations.

We want to say simply, easily & clearly that the women mean unlimited possibilities, holy generations, and the greatest garden. This garden is able to do valuable and unparallel gift for the society and nations. The hurricane, storm & tornado of torturing, animate, greediness are bearing silently from the ancient age. We found the nest of poisonous insect & animal in this valuable garden regularly. If this women world can make sure to be holy, innocent and bloomed by own beauty and sacred. Then the world will be peaceful, secured and positive for human life.

Women (NARY)

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                                                  Women (NARY)

Only the central point of this beautiful universe & excellent natural planet is Women. We can understand as like as daylight. They are also the heart of Society, Literature, and Civilizations & Culture. It's an imaginary to get the Succeed, happy and meaningful life without them. The imperial, mysterious and the greatest creation of the CREATOR are women. They have banded the whole relations as like as mother, Social worker, Co-warrior, Grateful Slave of Allah and the best Kith & kin of all creations.

We want to say simply, easily & clearly that the women mean unlimited possibilities, holy generations, and the greatest garden. This garden is able to do valuable and unparallel gift for the society and nations. The hurricane, storm & tornado of torturing, animate, greediness are bearing silently from the ancient age. We found

Dream (Swanpo)

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Dream (Swanpo)

Marriage and Society

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              “ Marriage and Society ”

                                                                                                                           _Ariful Islam Bhuiyan.


The Ancient institution is a family which set up by marriage. By the group of family makes Society. Now a days an important activity marriage standing on danger. I think somebody avoid its, somebody absent minded about it. No head ache for making a happy and peaceful world. On the otherhand, they are suffering the conflict of faith, anxious, disappoint and so on. Financial weakness, the abuse of times, idleness, hopeless, the lack of guide from guardians are liable for late marriage.


Men can’t live alone. He needs help from each other. He can helps each other also. Everybody should help to other for completing any work in time. It doesn’t so difficult to help each other about any purpose.We can open our hand, heart and sight for social welfare. As a result we can get a nice and peaceful family, society and world.We can try for improving our mentality, Choices. We may be a example as a modest and gentle member of society. Senior level will share experience with junior level of Society. Junior level will make sure the developed high way of society by seniors advices and guidelines. An invisible stick and justified relation will build up with senior, junior and all ages boys and girls. This relation may build up by ideal, beliefs, well mentality and fresh thinking for the social welfare.


Ages, education, profession, works, prestiges can’t make any distance with the other member of society. If any gape or distance will stay in the society ; the developing work of society will be delayed, impossible. Education, Cultural and Social activities may be defined the problem of society and solve it.We can follow the element of social strength. We may increase and permanent the existence of society by activities.


We may solve any problem of society like as ignorance, poverty, blindness and late marriage by our cordial assessment. A large number of young boy and girls are not okey physically and mentally. We may think about social member as like as two catagories. Such as 01. Permanent, 02. Seasonal. Usually the duty … ….. …… .


Date: 04.03.2011

ASA Tower, Shyamoly,



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Ariful Islam Bhuiyan

54/8, Chand Bekarir Goli, Sonali Bagh, Boro Moghbazar,

Ramna, Dhaka-1000.

Cell no.: +8801610007970;

E-mail: [email protected];[email protected];



Searching a position to take responsibilities in a national or multinational organizations where discipline and high tech environment will enable to develop managerial qualities i.e. vision, positive attitude, interpersonal relationship, communication skill, attitude to take challenges and commitment to achieve results.


Warehouse Management (HR Admin.), Document Management, Customer Care, Acquisition Compliance, SAF audits (Customer Services).



Customer Service Executive – Acquisition Compliance, Service Experience, Customer Care

airtel bangladesh limited. October 2011 – Present (03 years) 11th Floor, ASA Tower, Shymoly, Dhaka.


1. Management all kind of compliance issue regarding docs (URF – User Registration Form)

2. Handling all kind of compliance issue regarding docs (URF) with CAF (Corporate Affairs Function)

3. Handling all kind of BTRC/NBR/LEA issue regarding docs (URF)

4. Team member of 24/7 support team for LEA/BTRC

5. Assisting to Supervise and manage the overall workflow & performance of the team

6. Ensure the URF (User Registration Form) whenever it is required from any respective authority

7. Coordinate with sales/other departments regarding compliance issue

8. Coordinate with sales regarding docs pending on regular basis

9. Visit distributor & sales channels on regular basis

10. Make action plans & provide solutions to distributors & sales channel while required

11. Partner monitoring (we have three business partners)

12. Monitoring all kind of operational works of partner

13. Closely handle all the regular activities & make action plan for partner

14. Prepare the Performance/penalty/reward reports of the partner

15. HUB Monitoring (we have 12 HUB’s across the country)

16. Monitoring all kind of operational works of HUB

17. Closely handle all the regular activities & make action plan for HUB

18. Visit HUB on regular basis

19. Team member of the system upload regarding all kind of docs (URF/IR/UT/Corp. Docs)

20. Handle all kind of system related issues (TABS/CRM/Network)

21. Monitoring entire IT related problems of the team

22. Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions regarding operation

23. Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality , quantity, smoothness & motivation of the operation

24. Coordinate the HR & Admin related issues of the concern team

25. Prepare new project plan & represent to the management for enhancing the operation to the next level


Acquisition compliance officer, Service Experience, Customer Care

airtel bangladesh limited

March 2011 – May 2011 (3 months) Dhaka North 01, Dhaka Square 3rd Floor, Plot#1,Road#13, Sector#1, Uttara, Dhaka.

May 2011 – October 2011 (06 months) Dhaka South 03, 269-272, Tejgaon cs warehouse,Tejgaon i/a, Tejgaon,dhaka-1208.

1. To communicate with Territory Managers & ARC Managers to retrieve the SAFs and give update of pending SAFs numbers as per activation.

2. Update all receiving MSISDN’s by RF tracker system.

3. SAFs vetting & send to DTC as per proper rules & regulations.

4. Comply to BTRC & LEAs’ queries by providing hardcopy/softcopy of SAF’s.

5. Maintaining a database for SAF’s receiving and delivery.

6. Receiving & Archiving of User Registration Forms containing Subscribers Information coming from registered Business Centers or AEC

( airtel Experience Center ) and Franchises or ARC ( airtel relationship center).


Customer Care Representative- Back Office Operations, Customer Care

airtel bangladesh limited. August 2010 – March 2011 (8 months)

11th Floor ASA Tower, 23/3-23/14,Block-B, Khilji Road Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.


 Coordinate with Customer, franchises and retailers to solve different service related issues.

 Handle Tasks to resolve Complaints which are forwarded from Contact Centers, Business Centers and Franchisees.

 Responsible for setting objectives and giving direction in the operating area for services platforms.

 VAS and service installation or change as per subscriber request.

 Ensure proper behavior / discipline / grooming / punctuality as per the requirements and image of the company.

Customer Care Representative - DTC, SE, Customer Service

Warid Telecom International Limited. January 2010 – August 2010 (8 months)

 Document Management with Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

 Scanning and Uploading RFs

 Physical library work

 RF Handling

 Coordination with coworker

 Assisting supervisor

In charge of Administration Ware House, Administration Department,

HR & Admin. Division.

Warid Telecom International Limited. January 2008 – January 2010 (2 years)


 Ensuring safekeeping of inventories at the central warehouse.

 Supervising day to day in/out of the warehouse.

 Updating bin cards and relevant inventory register.

 Undertaking periodical stock counting and ensuring verification by Central Management.

 Management of inventory.

 Preparation of monthly inventory order quantity.


Holy Cricent International School & College, Uttara, Dhaka.

November 2006 – December 2007 (10 months)


 Fundamental Computer Education & training to ensure for the student of all Classes.

 Make sure the Students improvement on the Geography, Social Science, Math, English & Bengali subjects.

 Helping to conquer the e-knowledge smoothly & punctually.



Digital Architects Limited (DAL- 4), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

February 2005 – November 2006 (02 years)


 Locating with Software & Database Management under Map Project.

 All the Raw Data from Westchester, Newyork.

 Maintaining all Official Rules & Regulations.

 Assisting Supervisor.

Assistant Teacher.

Blue Bird International School & College, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

February 2001 – December 2005 (4 years 11 months)


 Supporting & Assisting to the Principal.

 Special Care to the Poorest & Brightest Students.

 Teaching according to READING FOR PLEASURE.

Education :

Degree Subjects Session Result


Business Communication, Office Management, Principle Accounting, International Business, Economics

2010 -2020(expected) Continuing

Masters of Social Science Economics

2003 – 2003 2nd

B.S.S (Honor's) Economics

1997 – 2001 2nd

H.S.C / A level Economics, Islamic Studies, Logic & Islamic History and Culture.

1995 – 1997 2nd

S.S.C/ O' Level Economics, Civics, Social Science, General Math, English, General Science, Geography, Book-keeping.

1993 – 1995 1st



01. Mr. Arifur Rahman

Associate Professor, B.Baria Govt. College.

Mobile number: +8801676101542

@- [email protected];


02. Syed Rezaulla Hashmi

Manager, Compliance & Billing,

Airtel Bangladesh Ltd.

11th Floor, ASA Tower,Shymoli,Dhaka-1207

Mobile number:+8801610001026

@- [email protected];

03.Mohammad Mahmud Uz Zaman

Senior Specialist,

Sourcing Managing Director Division

Grameen phone Ltd. GP HOUSE,

Bashundhara, Baridhara, Dhaka-1229

Phone: +880 2 9882970

Mobile: +8801711500060

@- [email protected];



The Roote of Islam Paribar.

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Shaiekh Ali  (1)     Shaiekh Dhali (2)

Adu Khandaker (1)                                                         Golu Khandaker (2)

Lakhu Bhuiyan (1)                                                           Jaru Bhuiyan (2)

Saleh Mahmud Bhuiyan (1)

Riajuddin Bhuiyan (1)      Taj Uddin Bhuiyan (2)

Abdur Rajjak Bhuiyan(1.2)Abdul Kayum Bhuiyan(1.1)Lal Mahmud Bhuiyan. Cheno Bhuiyan

Kari Shamsul Islam(1.2.1)Ishaque Bhuiyan(1.1)Abdul Wahhab.Proff. M.A. Raquib.

Ariful Islam Bhuiyan(1.2)Mawlana Ferdaus(1.1)Mawlana Mahmud. Shamim Bhuiyan

Shamsul Arefin Shams(1.2.1) Md. Abdullah (1.1) Mawlana Obaydullah Bhuiyan.

                                                                                                Abul Hasan Masroor.

The Dream of Life

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Ariful Islam Bhuiyan

Everybody wants to get peace and Success,

To touch the roof of happiness,

Do the hard labour day to night,

For a piece of golden life.

Somebody can touch the milestone,

But trying always to get the desired things,

Very few people walking in the right way,

But most of the people in the wrong way.

Refferable greatest person has come to the world,

To guide the people who wants success,

They have kept the guideline on the easy process,

But very few people follow it easily.

Trade Winds

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A group Young boy of DTC at Warid Telecom Ltd. in Bangladesh. They have established a socio-economic institution at 1st July 2010.Firstly they will try to make a healthy capital for better investment.There are honesty,liable&longibity getting the most priority.


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-Ariful Islam Bhuiyan.


On the day 5th April, 1979 A.D.One flower had bloomed in the nicest garden at Karibari, Brahmanbaria.We can think generally, one mother & father had seen a excellent dream after seeing new borned daughter.Completing Primary, Secondery level I had met with her.I Couldn’t remember that day’s date & time.She had come to get admission in the office room with a group of fairy. Brahman Baria Government College had opened a new honors (Economics) course under Natioal University in 1997.

That was the Opening Class of Honors. We are all new students trying to be introduced with one another.I’d introduced with all.But two persons effected deeply from the first time.One is Mr. Abdur Rab Chowdhury (Pias) & another is Ms. Showgat. I felt the deepest weakness to them as the best friend.Day by day I felt weakness to Showgat more than Pias.I got myself as a real lover of Showgat.But she didn’t any positive clearness.Does she love me?

Every morning were coming a new hope,dream & love but every evening were good bye with depriveness,darkness & worry.Every night were coming without sleepness.Time were going by this rules.I had undone.But my pen shown a dream to live with advance or imaginery love,dream&life.From this time I am trying to convert a imaginery garden from a real love garden.Nobody can think, how much painful,deficult&unthinkable.But I’d carried & Carring right now.True love ,doesn’t remove from heart until death.She told me that I’ll be able to forget her.I’v failed successfully.

I placed my cordial love to her from the first time.She was so loyal as the best friend,calm as a river,nice as nature.Her laugh was like as chirping of bird,Crying was stone-cry.My pen is loyal to her. It placed more and more poems to her.When I meet with best friend,go to the bank of river, near at nature then I miss her too much.When I hear any chirping of bird,I think she is lauging.When I see stone,I feel her crying.

Today, she is happy with her dreamful conjugal life.I pray for her peace,success & Immortal.She is alive in my heart until death.She had taken a place in my pen.Don’t mind dear reader,this is the first part of real love of Jail Bird who has borned 4th April in 1979,Bhuiyan Bari,Bhadughar,B.Baria.A renounced Islamic & Cultural family is the shadow of him.

The Sovereighnty of All Mighty.

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The Sovereighnty of All Mighty.

-Ariful Islam Bhuiyan.


I love him who is my creator, Guardian & well wisher. I have no qualification for placing my obediency to please him.I have enormous sins, wrong & disobediency.I want to speak the truth, to walk on the itinerary way but falure to move. I need money to pay living cost and to fulfill the demand of every member of the world. So what, My Allah will manage it. He never failure for anything. These rights for anybody who performs his holy duties accurately in time.

“ You remember me, I remember You ”- in this holy sentence we get the right to love allah and everything can demand to him for passing the good time as the greatest creation of Creator Allah.Same about 6,666 holy sentences are waiting for our reading, realiziang & Performing in the whole life with all well wisher.Which needs are approved in a human life, Actual duties & responsibilities for the successive favour creation of Creator , we get detailes all easily there.

Why we don’t believe heart & soul for anything, any purpose Allah is sufficient for us in the every stage& phase of whole life ! I think, In naturally men can belive up on anything by any perpose.Men has an hidden power to belive one to another for the transaction in their life.As a example : Mr. Rahim start from Dhaka to Chittagong. First time he thought, Planned & Journey to Destination.When He started journey he believed that he will reach the Chittagong though he started just.As a muslim Mr. Abdur Rahim Started with the kindness of Allah (Insha Allah). Mr. Rahim & Mr. Abdur Rahim both has started to chittagong but their difference between in belief.

Where’s our problem to convey the thankfulness to Allah for his kindness?Firstly he has Created us nicely, given a nice world, to live in the dreamful universe which he has decorated so nicely at day by sun, colorful cloud and at night by Moon & Stars, by high mountains, hills, desert, Evergreen field, Clean Spring, hard Ice pool, Salty & Testy Mineral Water.Day by day invented new & moderate elements of life to make sure comfortable and enjoyable for humen life by the thinking power which has gotten by his kindness.Secondly he had given 104 Nos holy directory with 2,64000 holy prophet to us.The greatest & the Lastest holy Directory (Al-Quran) with Director (Prophet Mohammad S.M.) with his holy direction (As Sunnah) & lively example of his fellowers (The Life of Sahabies).

In the conclusion, we means the creation of Allah. Creation means the Sovereignty of the Creator. But now a days, a largest group is working for discontinue the relationship between the holy creator & creation by greedy things & elements of life. Though their pre generation had laid lives for that perposes but not succeed referable.In this time Their post generation are success relatively. So We need to conscious strongly by the holy power of Allah.

Dated : 21.05.2009


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-Arif ibn Shams.




Women means Mother , Sister & Daughter. All the respects we perform to them always. All the phases of life needs security & living rights with respect. Can we think & share ? What’s the Present condition of them? Now a days we’ve forgotten to do respect to them. We have to change, try to doing change. Long depriveness can raise any longer movement that will be universal. Not be afraid of any movement. Just writing to be conscious our proper social, political, moral & religion rights of them. Can you think the proper security & rights of your own Mother, Sister & Daughter? Which one is problem for your Mother, Sister & Daughter you must be solve it as early as possible with morality. Your M.S & D are respectable near at you. My M.S & D are respectable to me. What’s relation between you & I, He & their ? The greatest introduces you are my brother, I’m your brother. So all the member of my family, Society, Community & Country are your member also generally. They can deserve from you security & trustee. On the various way of life we should to perform a real respectness to them. As a result they can get a real peace and they will be more helpful in their own work areas. We can get the best output as a son, Brother & Father.

The lack of respectness we can observe everywhere. Even we don’t know, how do respect myself ? We are insulted ourselves time to time for our lack of conciousness and proper knowledge & its application. So we are not able to get any necessary help and support from them as a Son, Brother & Father. Any men can’t success without any help of other specially from M.S & D. When this earth will be fulfill of love & respect to one another then the world will be peace full and living worth. We should try heart & soul for make sure a HEAVEN WORLD.

Dated: 29.04.2009


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-Arif ibn Shams.

In Primitive age Men lived together for a clear goal to live in peace from the attack of wild animal. Day by day they increased in number, built up various Nation & Community from this group. They have broken their unity for their necessity, offence one another. No Sorry for that. Everybody has the right to stay with one another in peace. No right to take any attack to any person’s choice- dischoice , likeness- dislike which are harmless for any person’s or being’s living in peace.

If I ask anybody. Do you want to live in peace? Everybody will tell “yes, certainly”. Now we have to take decisions mentally, we are all want to live in Peace. So we have to do something one after one. How can we watch the death of a man abnormally, on the conflict which is favour to any blindness of selfishness person, Community & Nation?

This is impossible for us but we can try heart & soul in fresh mind for peace. Till now a large number of people died for negate attack from some Nation who are traitor. They tell us speech of peace but doing for their welfare. The whole world doesn’t matter for them. Where they have need something, They are telling for peace, set up democracy, reform of Democracy then make sure a darkness condition which is favour to snatch technically fulfill their wants.

Politics makes Politics, A Politics under a Politics.It’s imposible to find out the main honest view of any politics.It may be Village politics,National or International.As a man I think, If all the Veto countries are try to make a peaceful world, they can.It’s not imposibe for them.But they are speaking and working always for Peace but everyday we are getting news of unstable world.

All the group of millitiants are getting their arms and everything as usual.Which or who are their supplier?Is it so difficult to find out that Supplier?Everybody will tell “No”. Where are the gape?The lack of honesty, trusty & Sacrifice.

Dated : 20.03.2009

The Goal of Life.

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The Goal of Life

Introduction :

This is my first introduction about myself. On the beginning I want to say or broadcast that I am a servant of The Lord of the Greatest World. So I can hope to get the power to be a succeed dearer creation of Allah. Allah is not helpless, Powerless & Confident less. This is my goal of life to be a sacrificed & succeed creation of Allah.

How it’s Possible?

• To abide by the Rules of Islam.

• To ensure the welfare of family, society, nation & Community.

• To protect all the harmful, fruitless activities from all the stage of human life.

• To conquer the knowledge, I will be active always with the best achievement.

Career Plan:

• Education

• Practice

• Service

• Achievement

Life - time Plan:

• Life- time 0 – 5 Years Boyhood Passing for growing.

• 06 – 25 Years for making Educational Base of Foundation.

• 26 – 50 Years for trying to cover the all wants of life.

• 50 – Above Years specially taking Preparation for the Next Life & Period of Rest.

Can be Wishes:

• Be a sacrificed & succeed creation of Allah

• To get the best succeed Life Partner & Inheritor.

• Try to alive with cordial respect & dignity.

Pray to Creator:

Only one that Allah will receive me with all the best deeds & holy sign from the whole life of mine.As a creation of the Greatest Creator we are all can take a valuable plan for own life.Time is limited,but duties unlimited.So, we should try to get benefit enormous within this life-period.Thanks to all reader & think tanker.